5 Questions To Ask Before You Publish


In the earlier years of social networks, it was hardly imaginable that there would be a time when people would getting fired over their social media posts.

Now, if you search the phrase “fired over a Tweet”, you’ll get over 30 million search results on Google, all good examples of what not to post on social media.

If you want to avoid getting in trouble with your boss, falling from grace in the the eyes of hundreds of fans, or costing your employer millions in legal fees, you should heed these warnings.

  • Is the format of this post optimized for the social network you’ve selected?
  • Is this post valuable to your social media followers?
  • Does the quality of assets match the standards of my social media presence?
  • Is this post contributing to your social network’s mission?
  • Are you posting this at the best time?

Be mindful of your timing: you don’t want to appear insensitive by posting an ill-timed Tweet, as some brands were accused of doing during the 2014 Ferguson unrest. Monitor your competitors, to watch for content that may appear too similar and compete with your messaging.