Rachel O | Rachels Rosaries Testimonial


Top Web Dev in Ontario


Finally. For over a year I was left hanging with a site that was never finished. The “other website people” took FOREVER for anyone to return a call or to complete a task. Promises were made only to be told those promises were never made. What???!!! My anger, hurt, frustration took it’s toll until I found Bruce. He listened to my plight, he understood. He understood how I wanted to get away from the “others” that became money hungry regardless of my site not being completed. I thank Bruce for his amazing help, as well as his wife who did a tremendous job on my site as well. I’m loving my site, rachelsrosaries.com even more because it’s complete. I know I can count on Bruce for anything that I need. God bless him and his wife and please know you’re in good hands if you need Design Fleek!